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Gardening in South Africa

Silver Gilt Garden Awards

Garden World Landscape TeamGarden World Landscape TeamDo you dream of a petite cottage style garden space, or perhaps a pod house, connected to a woodland garden with meandering walkways through a forest of many shades of green? No matter what your taste, Garden World has an award winning garden design to suit all garden flavours.

Gold Garden Awards

Visual DelightVisual DelightIf you need inspiration for a DIY garden, or you wish to emphasise "ubuntu" - the belief in the universal connection between all humanity and nature - you certainly can! This year, many gardens showcase cleverly designed gardens which also look after Mother Nature by using recycled elements.

Part of this process also involves zoning your plants according to their water needs, which will fine-tune your watering schedules, preventing over watering and water wastage. With this method you can achieve a beautiful yet sustainable garden, overflowing with perennial flowers and shrubs, without "Breaking the Bank".

If you are the DIY type, you will definitely be motivated to implement some of these ideas. Create your own piece of paradise where you can escape the concrete jungle and reconnect with your roots for a while, while still leaving something behind for generations to come.

High Gold Garden Awards

Ngena SucculentsNgena SucculentsYour quality of life is directly affected by the lack of “vegetation” in your living spaces, and nothing cleans air pollution like plants. So, if you’re eco conscious and want to do your bit for mother earth, no matter the size of your garden, you can produce a bountiful harvest of shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

If you need some great ideas on conserving water in your garden, the gardens this year have many inspirational ideas on this subject that are bound to make you want to plant a water-wise garden just because they are so gorgeous!

Perhaps you simply want a garden re-vamp, with a new look and feel, but are not sure what colours and themes to choose. Many of the gardens are re-vamped from last year, but you will hardly recognise them, so visit Garden World today, you will not be disappointed!


Overall Winning Garden

Inspiration from the richness of Northern African coloursInspiration from the richness of Northern African coloursGarden 1

Sensory Delight

Designer: Agatha Reinhardt

Landscaped and constructed by: Curb Hunger

In essence the garden is a sensual experience, focusing on the personal wellness of the visitor. All 5 senses are invigorated, allowing the visitor to leave the garden relaxed and happy.

Platinum Garden Awards

"Exhale" Young Landscape Design Studio"Exhale" Young Landscape Design StudioDo you want to create your own outdoor living room this summer?

Perhaps you love gardens full of colour through the seasons, or you may simply want to delight your senses, or grow your own produce. No matter what you envision as your perfect garden, everyone deserves their own space outdoors to escape too - somewhere you can exhale, de-stress and just daydream.

These Platinum Award Winning Gardens are sure to satisfy all tastes and are so easy to adapt to your own garden needs – all you need is some inspiration!


Gardening in the Shade

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Growing Vegetables in South Africa

Growing Bedding Plants in South Africa

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